Apr 16, 2023
by Sofia de la Cruz
YMC’s EARTH Collection Revitalizes Signature Styles With Sustainable Practices
by Sofia de la Cruz
Apr 16, 2023

It’s surprising how few fashion brands look back at their archives for inspiration. What’s so unappealing about embracing and cherishing the sartorial past? There are far worse things to consider. Creating, honing, and subsequently looking back to signature shapes and silhouettes is an easy and effective way to affirm a label’s design language and send a clear message of consistency.

The key to a complete and lasting wardrobe is not sporadic trends, but a sense of timelessness.

To that end, London-based label You Must Create (YMC) has produced a new conscious core collection, YMC EARTH, which perfectly exemplifies this idea of reiteration. The range includes some of its audience’s favorite signature shapes from the past 25 years, enhanced with a modular design and wearable neutral shades. Take for example, the collection’s fleeces, trousers, tees, sweaters, and jumpers, which all arrive in khaki, off-white, black, navy, and marine stripe hues.

The appeal of this capsule wardrobe concept goes beyond its simplicity, as YMC has incorporated more recycled, organic, and natural materials into the range. Through a partnership with knitters, mills, factories, and laundries in Portugal, the EARTH collection includes various certifications, such as GOTS, OCS, GRS, OEKO-TEX, and social accountability. Producing sustainable garments is an ongoing process for YMC. As they explained to FUTUREVVORLD, “Had we started YMC now, we would ensure that all garments are sustainably produced, but we’re 25 years in, and it will take some time to make the necessary changes.”

“We have been sourcing sustainable fabrics and developing relationships with artisanal makers for many years as part of our seasonal collections. However, EARTH gave us the opportunity to create a permanent collection from scratch using natural, organic, and recycled fabrics produced by carefully vetted factories, mills, knitters, and laundries in Portugal that are recognized for their environmental credentials. The fact that it now makes up 30% of our turnover demonstrates the importance of this ethos and shift to our customers,” they added.

According to YMC, the value of the EARTH product range lies in adding a unique intangible value to the offering: “By revisiting and refining signature styles from the past, the collection will be a part of YMC forever. It’s nice not to be restricted by selling windows and to offer our customers reassurance that their favorite item and style will be available in the long term. In the future, we plan to expand the collection and seek more collaborations with sustainable partners.”

To launch EARTH, the label enlisted its creative community to produce a simple video campaign channeling the YMC ethos of “You must create your own style” and highlighting the garments’ versatility across different generations of the same family. “The film features Phoenix and Freddie, the sons of YMC founders Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins, along with friends and collaborators, who discuss notions of home, family, and staying grounded,” the label explained.

Check out the collection’s campaign imagery in the gallery above and shop it online or in-store now. And, in other sustainability-focused fashion news, take a look at C.P. Company’s new line of Earth-friendlier apparel.