Sep 13, 2022
by James Roberts
adidas Updates the 4DFWD With New Colors and More Comfort
by James Roberts
Sep 13, 2022

adidas has released a new version of its most advanced running shoe, the 4DFWD 2. The latest iteration comes in some fresh new colorways and a slightly updated look.

It might be a clumsy mouthful of letters and numbers, but the 4DFWD 2 is a sharp and accurate piece of engineering. adidas has been developing its 4D technology for four years with its global innovation partner, Carbon. Carbon uses a type of 3D printing called Digital Light Synthesis to manufacture the lattice structure in the 4DFWD’s midsole. This method of printing is incredibly precise, making the final shoe finely tuned.

The distinctive bowtie-shaped lattice midsole is the result of 18 years of real-world athlete performance data and over five million variations of the lattice structure. Don’t say adidas hasn’t done its research. It says that the lattice design “transforms vertical pressure into horizontal force,” keeping the athlete moving forwards.

Anette (Peko) Hosoi, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explains: “When humans run, our forward motion is interrupted every time our foot hits the ground leading to a subtle stop-start motion between strides. This is true for all runners – no matter your ability. At the MIT Sports Lab, we are developing innovative technologies that offer a direct solution for overcoming that intrinsic challenge. And the new 4DFWD does just that.”

This second iteration features a Continental™ outsole to help grip runners to the ground in all weather conditions, and the updated midsole has 23 percent more cushioning than previous 4D generations. A new integrated heel counter gives the silhouette a bit more balance when compared to the last version of the 4DFWD.

In the materials department, the Primeknit+ and engineered upper is made with at least 50 percent recycled materials and the lattice midsole consists of 40 percent natural and renewable materials.

adidas partnered with Parley earlier this year to release a version of the 4DFWD made with Parley Ocean Plastic in a choice of two smart colorways. Hopefully we’ll see a similar edition for this new model coming soon.

Charlotte Heidmann, Senior Product Manager at adidas said: “At adidas, we’re always looking at the ways technology and data can intersect to create the best possible products for our runners. With the new 4DFWD, we made the impossible possible, challenging the laws of science by using a unique performance benefit designed to move you forward.”

The 4DFWD 2 is available in simple colorways with pops of orange. Choose from Carbon Cloud White or Impact Orange for men, and Grey Five or Cloud White for women.

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