Sep 01, 2023
by Karl Smith
Sean Wotherspoon’s New adidas Gazelles Are Plant-Based Artworks For Your Feet
by Karl Smith
Sep 01, 2023

By this point in time, we all know what a Sean Wotherspoon shoe looks like. Now, that’s not because the Round Two founder and MNTGE co-founder’s designs aren’t original. In fact, we’d go so far as to they that the opposite is true.

Instead, it’s because a Wotherspoon shoe is just so instantly recognizable for what it is – always in possession of a certain energy; a sense of infectious positivity that’s hard to replicate but could – at a stretch – be compared to early designs for Nike’s Cosmic Unity 3. (Although Wotherspoon – at least these days – is making shoes with adidas and not with Nike.)

All of which is to say that these latest Sean Wotherspoon sneakers – a take on adidas’ classic Gazelle silhouette – fit the format you’d expect: brightly colored, eccentrically accented and, most importantly of all, plant-based.

“I think exploration of alternative materials is extremely important. It’s going to lead to a longer life for our planet and the people/plants/animals which inhabit it. Not to mention we can achieve the same (if not better) technique with alt-leathers as well.” – Sean Wotherspoon

Shared via Instagram, there’s not a huge amount of official detail available just yet – but there’s just enough to get vegan sneakerheads excited about the impending release.

So, what do we know? Well, first of all – and, to be fair, this is a pretty big one – we know what they’re made of. Handily tagged with the relevant information on the sneaker’s upper, this new version of the adidas Gazelle is crafted principally from hemp. The fast-growing super-plant is becoming increasingly popular in fashion and footwear for its low-impact production and versatile application properties – all of which fulfil the criteria that Wotherspoon prioritizes in his work.

Coming in two distinct colorways, the Wotherspoon hemp Gazelles are set to arrive in green/white/orange and cream/blue/orange variations. And, beyond the base color difference, there are other subtle changes between the two pairs – most notably that the green iteration is adorned with white stitching across the hemp-knit upper and features a contrasting Three-Stripes branding in white leather. (Which, of course – and in case you’re wondering what leather is doing in a plant-based shoe – is where the mushroom element comes in.)

“I opted for Hemp and mushroom leather because I know my projects are globally recognized and I wanted to inspire more brands to experiment outside the traditional material options. I felt like I had a chance to make it ‘cool’.” – Sean Wotherspoon

As for the cream version, there’s no obvious presence of fungi and none of the same vivacious stitching style to the shoe’s upper, making it a more low-key option for those with a less ostentatious style.

Both versions, however, come with the same gum sole, the same orange heel tab – complete with Wotherspoon flower logo branding – and an adidas Trefoil which distinctly resembles the unmistakeable leaf of the hemp plant.

There’s no confirmed release date for the adidas x Sean Wotherspoon hemp and mushroom Gazelle as yet. But, given that images are doing the rounds, we’d suggest keeping one eye open for news if you want to get your hands on a pair of these and a pair of these on your feet.