Mar 12, 2023
by Karl Smith
The New adidas TERREX Hiking Shoe is For Women Taking on The Wind, The Rain, and the World
by Karl Smith
Mar 12, 2023

Of all the various adidas sub-brands, few are known for their material innovation in the same way as TERREX. Between wood-fiber hoodies crafted from SPINNOVA® that are proudly microplastic free, to the use of Parley Ocean Plastic in its footwear, TERREX has often led the way in Earth-friendlier outdoor gear.

Of course, that’s how it ought to be: if your product is designed for the natural world, it should be made with the natural world in mind. There’s no hiking on a dead planet, after all.

The latest TERREX offering, then, follows a similarly progressive path – in terms of intention, in terms of material, and in terms of method. In creating a hiking shoe that is both designed for and by women, implementing – in the brand’s typically future-facing fashion – a host of insights from biometric data and qualitative research, TERREX has once again taken a route far-too-little explored.

Noting that 4 in 10 women – that’s 43%, according to GroupSolver®’s research – chose to take up hiking during the pandemic, TERREX is putting its weight behind the data and marking this out as a movement rather than a moment. The outdoors is for everyone – surely that’s a given – and if that hasn’t necessarily always been the case, then there’s a disparity in need of some serious adjustment.

Now, TERREX is addressing that; not just with an idea, but with the gear to back it up. With the release of the WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy.

Informed by heavy research – thousands of foot scans, female-specific studies on Achilles tendon impact, and feedback from a 24,000-strong community dedicated to the lifestyle – TERREX created a shoe that is engineered for quality, comfort, and durability.

With RAIN.RDY waterproofing technology, Continental™ Rubber outsoles for superior traction, and ankle-saving collar structure, the shoe is built to be worn and built to last.

Taking all this into account, it’s only right that the WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy should also have some planet-friendly credentials in its material makeup. Crafted from at least 50% recycled content, TERREX comes at the problem of sustainability in two-pronged formation: firstly in creating a high-quality hiking shoe that lasts, and secondly in a continued push to end plastic waste.

It isn’t perfect, but this is what progress looks like: products with endurance that are made with purpose.

While they are very much the star of this latest TERREX drop, the shoes aren’t a solo offering: the XPLORIC RAIN RDY. JACKET, MT Full Zip Fleece, MT Tee, and MT All Over Printed Tights – each also benefiting from high-end, insight-driven elements – make for a well-rounded release.

Priced at $160 USD, the adidas TERREX WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy is available globally via the adidas app and with select retailers, followed by a March 28 release in the United States on the adidas website.

Elsewhere, in other recent outdoors-focused news, plant-based sneaker pioneer VEJA has released its first hiking shoe.