Nov 27, 2022
by James Roberts
BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS Applies Archive Fabrics to CLAE’s Skate-inspired Sneaker
by James Roberts
Nov 27, 2022

Here’s a smart way of collaborating. You take the waste of one brand, enlist the skills of another, and produce a new product that feels like the best of both worlds. It’s simple but that’s just what LA-based sustainable skate brand CLAE and Tokyo-based label BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS have done.

The fruits of their collaboration is the Bradley Venice sneaker, made with an array of recycled and upcycled materials including leftover fabrics from BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS’s previous collections.

The Bradley silhouette is one of CLAE’s staples. It’s a classic court shoe with minimal styling, inspired by that laidback, easy-riding attitude of West Coast surf and skate culture. Born in Los Angeles, CLAE has been working on timeless products made with vegan and quality materials since 2001. The unisex style of the Bradley with its clean lines and careful detailing makes it an sneaker that fits easily into the everyday rotation.

The upcycled patchwork upper is what sets this particular version apart. The mosaic of deep indigo blue and colorfully-speckled red is sourced from BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS’s archives. The white heel and eyestay are made from recycled leather.

Over 80 percent of the shoe comprises recycled materials. In addition to the upcycled upper, the midsole is made from recycled rubber chips and 30 percent natural rubber which gives it a speckled finish. Additionally, the insoles are made from 100 percent recycled PU foam.

Released alongside the sneaker is a gray crewneck sweater made from 100 percent cotton, including recycled scraps of fabrics from Byborre, a fabric manufacturer in Amsterdam. Another everyday item, this sweater is embroidered with “CLAE & THE HEARTBREAKERS.”

It’s good to see a sneaker approaching the holy 100 percent recycled mark. And it’s clear to see that this partnership has pushed both brands to rethink how they work with their own products and leftover materials. You know what they say. One brand’s waste is another brand’s treasure.

The limited edition CLAE X BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS Bradley Venice is available to shop from the CLAE site now.