Nov 15, 2022
by Contributor
CAMPER’s Brutus Boot and Runner K21 Reveal a New MIRUM® Heart
by Contributor
Nov 15, 2022

For Mallorca-based label Camper, the harmful effect of plastics on biodiversity has become a harsh and visible reality. Always inspired in their work by the singular beauty of that island’s landscape, the footwear label has now arrived at the conclusion that there’s no future for Mallorca’s waters, its marine life, or its thriving ecosystems, if they continue using this unsustainable synthetic. Or, indeed, for any of those things world-over.

Thus, Camper has embarked on a restless mission to seek out plastic-free materials that shrink carbon emissions and protect wildlife.

Camper’s renewed push toward creating with, and educating on, environmental responsibility began back in April of this year with the launch of the Runner K21 sneaker made of MIRUM®, a highly innovative blend of all-natural components. Now the label has reimagined its classic BRUTUS style with the same plastic-free material, representing a big step forward for its sustainability ambitions.

Camper creations appear to be getting more experimental with every release – certainly, recent CAMPERLAB releases like the Tossu are testament to this – and it’s a positive marker to see the brand’s commitment to material innovation following suit. In fact, Camper was the first brand to market MIRUM®, quickly followed by Allbirds and Brave GentleMan, marking them out as a trendsetter in the zero-plastics and zero-synthetics field.

In terms of this release, the Runner K21 silhouette delivers a retro-inspired feel and boasts a leather-like texture, while being completely vegan, thanks to its MIRUM®-made upper. The sneaker arrives in both black and white colorways and features XL EXTRALIGHT® Organix™ outsoles, made of 30% bio-based sugarcane. The shoe is the latest addition to the Runner family and comes in a chunkier shape, adding a contemporary aesthetic accent to match the material modernization on show.

Elsewhere, the insole is made from an OrthoLite® Recycled™ Footbed and the lining comprises bamboo fibers, recycled polyester and cotton. Overall, the Runner K21 is a simple yet elegant sneaker, whose distinctive cutting-edge attributes go beyond its first-glance looks.

The newest of these offerings, the Brutus ankle boot is also available in a monochromatic palette and features the same MIRUM®-made upper and XL EXTRALIGHT® Organix™ outsole construction. A 360° stitching and lightweight technology add extra durability to this classic urban silhouette.

MIRUM®, the star element of both unisex shoes, was developed by Natural Fiber Welding, based on the notion that renewable plant sources grow on earth. This exciting plant-based material is a climate-friendly solution for a diverse range of industries, such as footwear, fashion, automotive, accessories, upholstery, and more. Made from all-natural ingredients like coconut husk, rice hull, rubber, and cork, MIRUM® fights post-consumer waste by being a circular solution that can easily be recycled at the end of its life. (For those interested, Camper offers a recycling program which you can learn more about here.)

Camper’s Runner K21 sneaker and Brutus ankle boot are now available to purchase on Camper’s website.

Author: Sofia de la Cruz