Nov 12, 2022
by Contributor
CAMPERLAB’s Tossu Combines Sustainable Credentials and Technical Know-How
by Contributor
Nov 12, 2022

Since its inception in 2015, CAMPERLAB has explored footwear through the lens of progressive design, continually reinforcing and reimagining its signature experimental styles. Despite the often surreal aesthetic, the Spanish label’s creations are, first and foremost, driven by producing long-lasting, responsible products.

Only having been B Corp certified last month, the label is already taking its eco-conscious commitment forward by releasing a recyclable sneaker developed with a zero-waste approach. Dubbed Tossu (Finnish countryside slang for “slipper”), the silhouette is constructed using innovative direct bonding technology, which forgoes the use of glue.

By manufacturing a model this way, the shoes are much easier to break down into recyclable pieces, delivering circular usage and end-of-lifecycle solutions. The caged-style Tossu sneaker sports 3D-knitted water-repellent sock interiors made from recycled PET, TPU exteriors and 100% recycled PU outsoles.

These plastic-based materials are, of course, harmful in many ways, so we hope to see this shoe, and others, incorporate more bio-based materials that can also be recycled into new products. As those material companies continue to scale production, like Natural Fiber Welding has, a recent collaborator of Camper, we’re hopeful brands like Camper will make the switch.

Elsewhere, the sneaker arrives in four different colorways, an all-black style, a white look with contrasting highlights, a minimal beige and tan, and a vibrant burgundy with a blue blend. Achilles Ion Gabriel, the label’s creative director, believes Tossu is CAMPERLAB’s biggest sustainability achievement. He explains, “the sneaker exemplifies the future of design and a more circular economy where footwear is conceived with the end in mind.”

Going beyond eco-friendly manufacturing and looking at a closed-loop system that yields no waste is something we hope to see grow in popularity. CAMPERLAB follows Nike’s ISPA Link release, with both of them simplifying the complexity of product design for the consumer and ultimately leaving less of a carbon footprint. By following this approach, brands can create post-consumer solutions that drive the industry toward naturally circular, sustainable footwear.

For those interested, you can learn more about Camper’s recycling program here.

You can now shop the Tossu range on Camper website and at select retailers.

Author: Sofa de la Cruz