Oct 05, 2022
by James Roberts
“Wear Your Shoes!”: Heron Preston Auctions Off Sneaker Collection To Combat Overconsumption and Materialism
by James Roberts
Oct 05, 2022

Earlier this year, we launched our first pop-up experience called Mission: Deadstock. With the help of contributors from across the industry, we curated a collection of vintage sneakers and had them displayed at a space in New York City. The kicks were then auctioned off with proceeds going to local charities that aid in recycling and waste reduction.

It was our way of taking the hype out of sneaker culture; an industry that has become focused on over-consumption, when once it was all about community and the thrill of finding something that expressed who you were.

In a similar vein, eBay has started a new series of drops with exclusive items from renowned designers, artists, athletes and entertainers. These drops are listed on eBay and auctioned off. The first installment of “From the Collection” is the personal sneaker collection of Heron Preston.

So, what does Preston have in his closet? There are 61 pairs in total and it’s a pretty impressive collection. Up for auction are Heron’s first-ever Foamposites, childhood-favorite Halloween “SF Giants” Dunks, Jordan 6 “Infrared,” Nike Air Max 95 collaboration, and New Balance x JJJJound 992. It also features one of the first-ever pairs of the Yeezy 750s, gifted to him by Kanye West when he worked on the team that brought them to life.

100 percent of the proceeds will go to scholarships and grants for young creatives, as part of the Heron Preston L.E.D. (Less Environmentally Destructive) initiative in partnership with the Fashion Scholarship Fund.

eBay has partnered with Reshoevn8er to clean and restore every pair, ensuring that the kicks arrive fresh and with the promise of a long life. Worth noting as Preston has worn every pair in the drop.

Speaking on that, he says, “Wear your shoes! Collecting is not relevant anymore in today’s world if you aren’t planning on using what you’re collecting. I feel that one of the worst things is to buy something and never use it when so much energy and love goes into creating it. Collecting with no intention to use is a left-over concept linked to materialism and unnecessary consumption. Wear your shoes, otherwise pass them on to extend their life and purpose.”

Too right.

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