Jul 13, 2022
by James Roberts
Listen and Learn: Heron Preston and Zellerfeld Update the HERON01
by James Roberts
Jul 13, 2022

Here at FUTUREVVORLD, we’re big fans of progress over perfection. So much so that we named our podcast after the concept; the idea that a product or process can always be improved as we learn to make more Earth-friendly designs.

Evidently, Heron Preston and his collaborator Zellerfeld are also fans of this idea. After the success and sell-out of the HERON01 3D printed shoe, the two brands are back with an update. Version 0.81 has been improved thanks to the input and feedback from owners of the Version 0.80. Beta testers told Zellerfeld that the original model could do with an improved collar shape for easier entry, a softer upper, a bigger toe-box, a higher heel inclination, an enhanced arch support, enhanced midsole design and a snugger fit. So that’s just what it did.

“The beta tester community has been incredible,” said Heron Preston. “The demand and feedback for the first version was beyond my expectations, and interacting with beta testers makes me want to continually update the design for them to try.”

Zellerfeld is able to implement these changes quickly using its 3D printing technology. At the push of a button, a shoe can be printed, tested and developed. With all hardware on site in Germany, Zellerfeld doesn’t need complex and carbon-heavy supply chains to manufacture its products. And with the shoe being made from one piece of plastic, there’s less waste and less time spent on assembly.

The plastic TPU material used is recyclable and is very breathable, despite its clammy look. It’s made using fine lattices with lots of holes to help air circulate. The mule design is printed with a crocodile skin-style texture, rendered in a bright and vivid orange.

To make sure you get the perfectly correct shoe size, consumers have to make their purchase via the Zellerfeld app. To create a custom fit, you’ll have to take a photo of your foot. A limited run will be made and with each designed for a specific pair of feet, we imagine that this method of production will keep waste and environmental impact to a minimum.

Beta testers will have to apply before they’re able to secure a pair of their own for $350 USD. This price includes one free update when the next iteration comes out if the user returns the old pair and provides feedback.

In addition to this update, Zellerfeld will be testing out performance sport footwear using the same 3D print and feedback system. Stay tuned for more on that.

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