Aug 04, 2023
by Sofia de la Cruz
HOKA’s Skyline-Float X Is A Hybrid Hiker With A Plant-Based Core
by Sofia de la Cruz
Aug 04, 2023

With a reputation for pushing material boundaries in both the technical and Earth-friendlier spaces, HOKA is within its rights to claim “Thinking outside the box” as its design ethos. The French purveyor of technical movement footwear has, for some time now, been committed to crafting bold and innovative solutions for athletes of every ilk, marching in sync toward an eco-conscious vision for our planet.

As featured in our recent round-up of vegan and sustainable running shoes, HOKA’s Speedgoat 5 stands out as a strong example of that commitment, boasting a fully vegan construction, incorporating a medley of recycled materials, including a double-jacquard mesh upper fashioned from recycled polyester.

Now, HOKA presents its latest crossover trail-running offering, the Skyline-Float X, offering an extensive technical approach while maintaining eco-conscious desirability.

With dynamic propulsion and a symmetrical cushion bed, free from superfluous technologies, the Skyline-Float X is a perfect fit for those seeking the support they need, without unnecessary frills. The sneaker offers a low-profile cushion bed, bringing your foot closer to the ground and featuring a firmer material to ensure an efficient push-off.

Standout features include the SwallowTail™ heel, primed for seamless heel-to-toe transitions and the Vibram® XS trek, endowing the silhouette with unparalleled traction on rugged terrain. But what truly sets the Skyline-Float X apart is its commitment to sustainable practices. HOKA has integrated plant-based elements throughout: from a soy-based sock liner to a 30% sugarcane midsole and a 90% bio-based Pebax® plate.

And the green credentials don’t end there. The Skyline-Float X also includes an engineered air mesh upper, made with 60% recycled yarn, dual-density sugarcane EVA midsole and a Pebax® plate. Even the polyester components in the shoe, such as laces, insole and sock liner top cloth, are made from recycled materials.

Fast on the trail? Check. Smooth on the street? Check. Kind to nature? Double-check. HOKA’s “Journey toward doing more with less” continues with its Skyline-Float X. Crafting performance silhouettes for nature and giving back to nature should be the norm, but alas, it remains a work in progress for most technical sportswear brands.

The Skyline-Float X is now available online for $175 USD in shades of “Olive Haze/Celery Root,” “Black/Black,” “Outer Space/Hot Sauce,” “Spice/Hot Sauce,” “Ocean Mist/Sunlit Ocean” and “White/White.”