Jan 13, 2022
by James Roberts
New Colorways of Jeff Staple’s Carbon Footprint Revealing AllBirds Dasher Are Here
by James Roberts
Jan 13, 2022

Allbirds has teamed up with Jeff Staple once again to create a new iteration of its Dasher shoe. Available in two colorways, this shoe put its environmental impact to the fore with its carbon number printed on the side for all to see.

The STAPLE Dasher is made from all-natural materials: Merino wool, Eucalyptus tree fiber and Brazilian sugarcane. The use of wool in footwear is what often sets Allbirds apart. The benefits of the material are well documented. It’s breathable, temperature-regulating, and moisture-wicking. Merino wool in particular is incredibly soft. However, as an animal-derived product, vegan-minded consumers will be disappointed.

Allbirds reassures customers that much is done to protect the sheep that Merino wool comes from. It works with organizations like ZQ Merino to ensure that its materials are “held to high standards of farming, land management and animal welfare.”

The same amount of care is given to the other materials that make the STAPLE Dasher. Responsibly-sourced sugarcane from Brazil is used to produce the soft soles, in a material it calls SweetFoam: “It’s so self-sufficient, that when it’s processed, its biomass is extracted to literally power the mill and fertilize the next year’s crop.”

Allbirds also has a Forest Stewardship Council certification for the responsible ways in which it sources tree materials. This ensures that what it takes doesn’t harm the local environment, animals or people.

So, what does this all add up to? In comparison to its predecessor, the new STAPLE Dasher comes in at 3.3kg higher in terms of CO2e. However, Staple has stated that this reflects a more accurate calculation rather than a higher impact.

Allbirds co-founder Tim Brown says it’s “like admitting our failure,” in an exclusive interview with Highsnobiety. This is a positive stance to take. For all the progress the company has made, there is always room for improvement.

The STAPLE Dasher’s 12.5kg CO2e is an end-to-end carbon footprint. This means that it covers off the carbon impact of the materials, manufacturing and transportation of the shoe. It also calculates the end-of-life impact for when the shoe is disposed of.

Aesthetically, the shoe is similar to the partnership’s previous design with its slip-on silhouette. This year’s comes with the addition of contrasting stitching and textures. The famous Staple pigeon graphic is also embroidered on the heel.

By putting the carbon number front and center, Allbirds says that it is “amplifying the conversation around carbon footprints of what we wear.” It definitely is a talking point for anyone who might see you wearing these kicks around.

The first colorway arrives on January 13, closely followed by the second on January 20. Visit the Allbirds website to get your hands on a pair.