Dec 06, 2022
by James Roberts
Nike By You Introduces a Customizable Vegan-Friendly Canvas Upper for the AF-1 Low
by James Roberts
Dec 06, 2022

Do you ever walk into the bar, the office or the (insert other local trendy spot here), and clock that five other people in the joint are wearing the same kicks as you? It’s the eternal dread that comes, part and parcel, with wearing the freshest sneakers. If they’re new for you, they’re probably just as new for everyone else. A conundrum, for sure.

But it’s a conundrum with – if not a fix – a pretty cool patch, at least.

Because, if this is something that happens all too often for you, you might be interested in the latest offering from Nike’s “co-creation” service. Here, the AF-1 Low joins the ranks of other classics such as the Dunk, the Air Max 90 and the Air Zoom Pegasus. This time, though, Nike is offering something new and noteworthy beyond the realm of monograms and tonal mutations: a fully-vegan upper to call your own and colorize to your heart’s content.

And, here at FUTUREVVORLD, we’ve chosen that new canvas option as our base to play around with – selected over satin or leather because of its natural, plant-based origins – which, we have to note, is provided not as a firm substitute but as an option in conjunction with animal-based materials. (And in that vein we also have to mention that there isn’t currently any more detail available in terms of materials composition on the Nike website.)

Still, colorwise at least, we think everyone will be happy. There are neutral shades ranging from light bone to cobblestone; classic primaries like old royal and sport red; and vibrant hues like kumquat and tour yellow. You can change the color of the midsole, tongue, laces, Swoosh and basically any other panel on the AF-1. There’s even a gum rubber option for the outsole. The possibilities are endless. (Within the bounds of the AF-1’s construction, at least.)

When you’ve got your colors sorted (don’t worry, it took us a while too), you can add text to the backtab logo to replace the “AIR” logomark. It’s limited to three characters on each heel so you’ve got to be selective. Conveniently, “FVV” is three characters and there’s a familiar yellow shade available too: all of which is to say that we’ll be repping the brand wherever we go this winter.

However you choose to put these together, you’re probably wondering: “Is it sustainable to make uniquely customized sneakers for thousands of customers?” And the answer, the one you know but don’t actually want, is – well – “Probably not.” And, while it’s true that we don’t have any info on the manufacturing process, it’s nonetheless hard to imagine it’s as efficient as producing thousands of shoes in the same design.

On the other hand, maybe owning a pair of sneakers that are unique to you is an incentive to look after them for longer. And, at the very least, bringing in a canvas option means the chance to make a better choice – and that’s always a good place to start.

Take a look at the FVV team’s custom choices above and have a play and customize your own pair of canvas AF-1s on