Oct 12, 2022
by James Roberts
The Nike Air Max Scorpion Is Pumped Full of Comfort
by James Roberts
Oct 12, 2022

This is mouthwatering stuff. A new addition to the long line of classic Nike Air Max silhouettes, the Scorpion is bubbly, comfy and absolutely stacked.

The Nike Air Max Scorpion has probably the most amount of Air that you could pump into a shoe. In fact, it has the most Air yet in terms of pounds per square inch. Built on the success and legacy of the VaporMax, the Scorpion adds extra stack height with a new design that’s tailored around comfort, bringing orthopedic support to a lifestyle sneaker.

That bubbly, bulbous outsole gives the shoe its name, resembling the segments of a scorpion’s tail. And it brings all the comfort whilst also being super stable. The combination of super-soft chenille fabric with incredibly lightweight Flyknit wraps your foot in layers of more comfort.

The shoe enlists the concept of “point-loading” which Nike translates as “great responsiveness, better sensation and improved cushioning”. The designers of the Scorpion used 3D VR tech to visualize and develop the shoe plus machine learning, digital testing and a ton of consumer insights to get the new model out in a matter of months.

Printed on the insole, you’ll find Nike’s “Move to Zero” logo, signaling that the Scorpion is part of the brand’s commitment to zero carbon and zero waste. The upper uses Flyknit, “an all-in-one process that uses zero waste,” says Marya Chan, Senior Material Designer on Women’s Lifestyle at Nike.

We reached out to Nike to gain more information on the full material breakdown of the sneaker (e.g. what makes those bubbles so big? Is it a fossil fuel-based plastic?) but we have yet to hear back.

The Scorpion is currently available in a yellow and white colorway, which looks like floating lemon slices in an ice-cold glass of lemonade. But we reckon with an instant classic like this, you can expect more colorways in the coming months.

Scoop up your pair on the Nike website.