Jun 28, 2023
by Sofia de la Cruz
CLOT Celebrates 20 Years of Self-Expression With a Cork-Based Nike Dunk
by Sofia de la Cruz
Jun 28, 2023

CLOT, the cult-loved streetwear label co-founded by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon, has once again teamed up with sneaker giant Nike to deliver an otherworldly collaboration dubbed the “Cork Dunk.” This exclusive rendition of the iconic Nike Dunk silhouette not only pays homage to CLOT’s 20th anniversary but also ambitiously endeavors to bridge the cultural divide between the East and the West.

At the heart of the Cork Dunk lies its defining element: cork uppers. This distinctive material holds profound significance for CLOT, serving as a creative nod to the very cork mood boards that played an instrumental role in the brand’s formative years.

A decade-old concept is finally materializing as the classic Dunk silhouette gets wrapped in a texturally rich cork canvas. The sneaker’s spine boldly showcases flaps adorned with the years “2003” and “2023,” symbolizing the two-decade journey of CLOT.

However, what truly sets the Cork Dunk apart is its unparalleled level of personalization and self-expression. Each crafted pair arrives with three sets of laces and an array of five interchangeable profile swooshes, empowering wearers to curate a bespoke aesthetic of their own.

CLOT’s Co-Founder and Creative Director, Edison Chen, elaborates on the creative vision behind the collaboration, stating, “This shoe is supposed to be a blank canvas for you to dream big and for you to realize your dreams and put your own little motif on a Nike.”

The design language of the Cork Dunk exudes an unmistakable blend of playfulness and sophistication. A cream-colored midsole effortlessly harmonizes with a dark brown outsole, forging a tasteful contrast against the cork-adorned side panels, heels and toe boxes.

Muted brown accents and wrap-around Swooshes, alternating between vivid shades of blue and understated grey snakeskin, inject an additional layer of visual intrigue into the equation. Naturally, no CLOT collaboration would be complete without the brand’s signature emblems, debossed on the medial slides, while the sock liner proudly boasts the distinctive CLOT20 logo.

While the CLOT x Nike partnership has garnered considerable attention, one aspect that has remained largely unexplored is the sustainable nature of cork, a pivotal material utilized in the project. Cork stands out as one of the most renewable and eco-friendly resources available, as it biodegrades completely and can be effortlessly recycled without leaving behind any harmful residues.

Although the collaboration does not explicitly address the fate of the Cork Dunk once it reaches the end of its lifecycle, it is worth noting that the emphasis on customization suggests a desire to create a highly coveted collectible. However, there is potential for future developments where the two labels might explore the possibility of making the Cork Dunk easily biodegradable and renewable.

Until then, the highly anticipated CLOT x Nike Cork Dunk collaboration will be made available exclusively at select JUICE locations.

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