Aug 31, 2022
by James Roberts
10 Eco-Friendly Nike Kicks You Can Still Pick Up Today
by James Roberts
Aug 31, 2022

We report on a lot of Nike’s Earth-friendly ventures here at FUTUREVVORLD. From the modular invention of the ISPA Link to Billie Eilish’s all-vegan Air Force 1, the brand is making great strides to reimagine footwear for the future. Nike’s Move to Zero campaign towards zero carbon and zero waste is at the heart of all this innovation. Every week there seems to be something new and innovative coming hot out of the Portland design lab.

But there are a lot more awesome, eco-minded kicks coming out of Beaverton that we don’t get a chance to report on. So, here are some of the other Nike sneakers that have caught our eye recently. Want to know what’s even better? They’re all still available to shop.

Nike Free Terra Vista

The sporty off-road Free Terra Vista is a rugged outdoor look that’s as at home on the streets as it is on the trails. With its layers of airy mesh and soft synthetic suede it’s nice and comfy too. But we love it mainly because it’s made with at least 20 percent recycled content by weight.

Nike Air Max 2021

The next era of Air is recycled. The engineered mesh, woven textile and no-sew skins of the Air Max 2021 are made with at least 20 percent recycled materials. We’re liking the new graphic detailing on these kicks and the Air bubble looks bouncier than ever.

Nike Air Max Terrascape Line

This tough and techy line-up remixes the iconic Air Max 90, 97 and Plus models. Featuring that magic 20 percent recycled content, these speckled and textured kicks use Nike’s Grind material (the shredded remains of old Nike products) and feature extra-terrestrial Crater foam midsoles. They come in a suitable array of futuristic colorways with spacey graphic details.

Nike Waffle One Crater

Everyday wearability dappled with some of that lovely flecked recycled Grind material. The Waffle One Crater is a classic with eco-tendencies. Available in two simple colorways, black or white, the only question is which one? Or maybe the answer’s both…

Nike Free Run 5.0

This one’s for the runners looking for something a little different. The sock-like boot is almost like going barefoot, making you more connected to Earth. The eco-friendly 20 percent recycled content should also help you feel more connected to Mother Nature too.

Nike Crater Remixa

The thick Crater foam is the star of the shoe here. That speckled wedge is a joy to bounce around on. And the smart upper is made even smarter thanks to its recycled canvas profile. The big pull tab features the Move to Zero circular icon that you’ll find adorning many of the sneakers on this list.

Nike Air Max Motif

This one’s a step back in time and a step forward. Inspired by Tinker Hatfield’s iconic 1987 design, it has some modern touches such as the transparent cupsole and recycled contents.

Nike Spark Flyknit

Multi-layered with cutouts galore, the Spark Flyknit looks almost like a work in progress. But it’s all designed to give you a view into the tech that makes this sneaker so energetic. Strap on this all-vegan shoe and get going.

Nike Air Max Bliss

The Air Max Bliss is all that. Super-soft cushioning is everywhere you look, from the heel to the midsole. And to make things even more comfortable, you’ll be happy in the knowledge that you’re also walking on 20 percent recycled materials.

Nike Space Hippie 01

No list of eco-friendly Nike kicks would be complete without the Space Hippie. Inspired by a future life on Mars, the new icon is made from lots of awesome recycled materials including Flyknit yarn made from plastic bottles, T-shirts and post-industrial scraps. Why go to space when you can find all you need right here on Earth?

We’ve had four variations on the Space Hippie so far, but another iteration is on our radar. We’re hoping that it’ll be chock full of recycled materials and space-age sustainable processes.


So there it is. Ten Nike sneakers that try to be a bit more sustainable. But, as always, FVV is looking for progress, progress, progress. When Nike tells us a shoe is made from “at least 20 percent recycled materials”, what does that really mean? When we read there’s suede in the upper, have the designers chosen a vegan alternative? Is it responsible at all to still be making this many kicks every year?

These are big questions. But Nike is a big company. We believe it can give us the answers.

Stay tuned in to FVV for further news on Nike and other brands who are on their Earth-friendly journeys.