Aug 18, 2023
by James Roberts
The Lastest norda 001 Colorways Are An Encounter With the Otherworldly
by James Roberts
Aug 18, 2023

norda has always seemed like a running brand that’s a little out of the ordinary; a little, out of this world. It was, in the first place, its raison d’etre. The Canadian outfit set out to make a trail running shoe that was, simply, ‘good enough’. One that could not only take on the trials and tribulations of the trail, but also look good and be good to the planet. That shoe is the norda 001.

The norda 001 has been in our lives for a couple years now, and it’s gone through several glow-ups in that time. Ahead of its FW23 collection, the Canadian brand has unveiled two new colorways for the 001 – inspired, in the literal sense, by elements of the otherworldly.

Regolith takes its name from the layers of unconsolidated loose rock and dust that sits upon bedrock, found both on Earth and other planets — shades of brown, yellow and gray play harmoniously off each other across the shoe. Mars, on the other hand, takes its name from (you guessed it) the Red Planet — its black and white, space-like upper resting upon a dusty, terracota-hued sole.

Both these options feature a hand-painted midsole, meaning every pair is truly singular – something we’ve not come across in the running world before, demonstrating norda’s commitment to quality, mindful production, and craft.

norda’s material choice also reflects this dedication. As ever with the 001, the shoes are fitted with Dyneema® – a bio-based fiber, woven into the upper, which is BlueSign® approved, ISCC certified and produced using renewable energies. This fiber is combined with recycled Cordura® nylon to create an abrasion resistance finish.

The midsole is made with soft, cushioning Vibram® SLE while the soleplate features Vibram® ’s ultra-grippy, tough 5mm lugs. Even the laces use recycled polyester while the insole uses a custom designed eTPU to absorb the impact of foot hitting ground.

The upcoming collection, titled ENCOUNTERS, is inspired by the unique, numinous experience that runners have while out on the trail, submerged in and consumed by nature: “an inexplicable sense of awe and wonderment that transcends earthly experience, where the terrestrial feels celestial.”

These new colorways for the norda 001 might be otherworldly, but their ambitions and their eco credentials are most definitely of this planet. And that’s a good thing. Running in them might feel like you’re racing across the dusty surface of an alien landscape, but the planet that needs protecting is the one right under your feet.

The norda 001 Regolith is available now on, priced at $285 USD, with the 001 Mars colorway – priced at $295 USD – landing in the not-so-distant future.