Apr 06, 2022
by James Roberts
The On Cloudmonster Puts the Bounce Back in Running
by James Roberts
Apr 06, 2022

When brands land on something iconic, they tend to run with it for a while. That’s just what we’re seeing with On as it releases its latest running shoe, the Cloudmonster.

It kind of says it all in the name. This latest model from the Swiss brand maxes out its distinctive CloudTec elements. Found across the whole suite of On running sneakers, CloudTec are the little pockets of air on the sole that provide cushioning as your foot hits the ground. With the Cloudmonster, On has produced its largest cloud elements ever and therefore, its most cushioned shoe yet. It’s a strong look which sets it apart from any other running shoe on the market.

The On Cloudmonster is a road running shoe, designed for those slightly easier recovery sessions or for a longer Sunday run. Basically, anytime you want to give your legs a bit of a rest or when you’re not looking to break any speed records. You’ll get a soft landing and a bouncy return, thanks to the Speedboard plate and its unique rocker shape. The Cloudmonster has a 6mm heel-toe drop and weighs in at 9.70 oz for US M 8.5 and 8.11 oz for US W 7.

The brand’s Helion superfoam in the midsole is light, durable and temperature resistant, while a soft sockliner keeps your foot nice and snug. This really looks like a shoe that’ll keep you comfy, even when your feet are feeling a little tired.

The Cloudmonster comes in a selection of clean and crisp colorways like Frost/Surf and Acai/Aloe for men, and Acai/Lavender and Glacier/Meadow for women. Inspired by nature, these are refreshing shades of green, purple and white. A large cropped “CLOUDTEC” type graphic and “On” logo run down the outside panel.

On has listed the recycled content in the Cloudmonster on its website in detail. The total recycled content in the shoe totals 35%. And of the polyester used in the kicks, 80% of that is from recycled sources. On also lists Vietnam and a factory called Diamond as the Cloudmonster’s place of origin. The brand partners with Diamond because it “values give-back projects and team spirit, and managers at Diamond can be found on professional basketball teams with staff cheering them on.” It’s good to see a brand being transparent about the factories it works with, and reading small descriptions like this help the consumer make a deeper connection with the brand.

Last year, we reported on the CleanCloud, On’s high-performance foam for running shoes created using recycled carbon emissions as a raw material. It doesn’t look like that technology has been utilized for the Cloudmonster but it’s an exciting prospect to keep an eye on.

If you’re looking to add a bounce to your morning runs, check out the On Cloudmonster online today.