Dec 08, 2022
by James Roberts
Palladium and Finisterre’s New Hiker Doesn’t Forfeit Function for Form
by James Roberts
Dec 08, 2022

What’s more important when you’re battling the outdoors and braving the elements: Looking on trend for all the passers-by (by which I mean sheep), or ensuring that your feet stay dry and warm for the long-haul? So often, it seems, you have to make a choice between the two when it comes to outdoor clothing and footwear – keep it stylish or, skip the looks, and go all-out practical.

But wait! Here is, seemingly, a good-looking hiker that’s technical, practical and sustainable(ish) to boot (sorry, not sorry, for the pun). Introducing the Pallatrooper Hiker WP+. It’s the third iteration of an ongoing collaboration between the French outdoor shoe specialists Palladium and the British BCorp Finisterre. And it’s packed full of all-weather, Earth-friendly features.

The boot is a reimagining of Palladium’s iconic Pallatrooper, that has its origins in early 20th Century aviation history. It’s been slingshot into the modern day with some eco-friendly materials, hefty waterproofing and contemporary design touches, while maintaining a classic hiking boot silhouette. The crafted metal eyelets and colored laces also share that sense of history, conveying images of mid-century explorers on barren mountainsides.

The Pallatrooper Hiker WP+ is doing all it can to protect its wearers’ feet. First off, it’s fully waterproof thanks to its Sympatex waterproof membrane and a water-repellency treatment on the outer material. Inside is a merino wool sock liner to keep your toes toasty. And on the bottom is a cleated sole which provides non-slip protection. Whatever gets thrown at it — rocks, rain or the occasional cow dung (unpleasant but sometimes unavoidable) — this boot has you covered.

Once you’re in from the outdoors, you can appreciate its construction, which features a range of recycled materials. There’s a recycled PU upper, PET recycled back strap webbing, recycled laces, a recycled rubber vamp overlay and a recycled waterproof bootie. Don’t say we don’t bring you the recycled goods. The side panels are made from organic wax canvas and the sock liner is made with non-mulesed merino wool.

Mulesing, if you’re wondering, is a pretty nasty practice where parts of the sheep’s skin are cut off to prevent fly egg infections. To make matters worse, it’s often done without adequate anesthesia. Non-mulesed wool, therefore, is thought of as a pain-free alternative. Not perfect, but better.

The boot is finished in a couple of classic yet contemporary color options: Apple Cinnamon or Olive Night. There are joint brand logos across the Pallatrooper Hiker WP+ including a Palladium logo patch on the inner ankle.

It looks like a great bit of kit. Sure, you could wear this hiker about the city but we suggest taking it somewhere a little more challenging: see how it handles in the wilds of Scotland, on the rugged North Atlantic coastline or on a long stroll through your local woodlands. Let us know how it goes.

The Pallatrooper Hiker WP+ is available on both the Palladium and Finisterre websites now.