Mar 01, 2022
by James Roberts
PUMA Makes Sustainable Strides in the Soccer Game
by James Roberts
Mar 01, 2022

In the drive to create a more Earth-friendly fashion and clothing industry, no stone can be left unturned. This past month, PUMA has been busy bringing more sustainable design thinking to the soccer pitch with the introduction of not one but three new boots.

First up is the KING Platinum 21 Vegan, the brand’s first vegan leather soccer boot. Made from 100% vegan leather, yarns, adhesives and pigments, the boot gets rid of any need for animal-based products on the field. The shoe features KINGForm technology which the brand says will increase responsives and a lightweight PEBA soleplate to help with traction and stability. It comes in a clean colorway of Ivory Glow, Green Glare and PUMA Black.

Florian Nemetz, Senior Product Line Manager Teamsport Footwear at PUMA, reveals that the product took two years to develop before it hit the shelves. In particular, the designers were looking for the right material. He says they’ve found an animal-free material that is softer and more durable than leather. Durability makes it last longer which could make it more sustainable in the long run too. Surely, there’s no reason to go back to leather now?

“The KING Platinum 21 Vegan is an exciting milestone for PUMA as we utilize vegan friendly materials and offer an alternative to animal-based leather products,” says Nemetz. “We will continue to use vegan materials in future products as we aim to offer an alternative to traditional leather products.”

In the next stage of PUMA’s First Mile partnership, the brand has made new iterations of its ULTRA 1.3 and the FUTURE Z 1.2 boots with recycled materials. First Mile is an initiative that supports communities in Honduras, Haiti and Taiwan by providing jobs which also help clean up the local environment. Collectors in its network gather plastic bottles which are then passed on to facilities to be processed into yarns. Yarns are then woven into fabrics which PUMA uses in these soccer boots. This system prevents bottles from entering oceans or getting stuck in landfill.

The boots are not completely made from recycled materials though. The ULTRA 1.3 contains 21% recycled materials in the upper, combined with a PEBA SpeedUnit outsole. The FUTURE Z 1.2 looks a bit more impressive with its upper made from 42% recycled materials, while its outsole, lining, foams and vamps also use recycled materials.

The ULTRA 1.3 saw its debut on the feet of Manchester United’s Raphaël Varane, while the FUTURE Z 1.2 will be used by Manchester City player, Vicky Losada, demonstrating that the boots can hold up on the world’s toughest stage.

All three boots are available online, in PUMA stores and in select retail outlets.