Oct 06, 2022
by Carolina Sandeman
Reebok and National Geographic Drop Vegan Sneakers Inspired by Wild and Endangered Animals
by Carolina Sandeman
Oct 06, 2022

Back again for another collaboration, Reebok has launched a new capsule collection together with National Geographic. Inspired by wild and endangered species, along with the award-winning storytelling National Geographic is known for, the capsule is composed of options for the whole family.

Having worked together on two previous drops, this collection centers around some of the world’s most exquisite animals. Although inspired by animals, the new sneakers don’t use any animal-based products.

The aim of this collaboration is to honor and inspire people to learn about the species featured through the creation of exclusively made patterns that merges the animals’ attributes and adorn the upper of the shoes.

Within the adults’ collection, there are two pattern options, seen on the Nano X2 Grow model, the most recent version of Reebok’s Nano training shoe line, that are made with a minimum of 50 percent plant-based materials.

One version takes its inspiration from some of the world’s most notorious animals, including patterns from a python snake, a puffer fish, a scorpion, a poison dart frog, and a grizzly bear. The second version pays homage to the wild cats of the world, using the tiger, cheetah and jaguar prints to deck out the sneaker’s upper.

In the new launch, you’ll also find a vegan version of the Club C 85 model, which features 16 endangered species, using each pattern piece to honor a different animal, like the Galapagos Penguin, Black Rhino, Eastern Gorilla, Ring-tailed Lemur and Fiji Banded Iguana, among others.

The three models are available in unisex sizing and besides the adult footwear, there are also children’s options available in preschool and grade school sizing. These come in two of the brand’s most well-known lifestyle options and have fun graphic uppers that carry on the tribute to the animals.

From October 4th the collection will be available to purchase at