Jun 28, 2023
by Karl Smith
Stüssy, Converse and Our Legacy Link For a Chuck Hi 70 Hemp Overhaul
by Karl Smith
Jun 28, 2023

As the near-undisputed king of planet-friendlier footwear collaborations Stüssy continues to prove that not all monarchic power is inherited – sometimes it’s earned.

And the evidence keeps coming: following on from last month’s denim-covered Nike Vandal, the California label is offering up a three-way effort with a planet-based slant. Working in partnership with longtime collaborator Converse and high-end Stockholm stalwarts Our Legacy, the triumvirate has picked up on a Stüssy favorite, using hemp as the base material for a more sustainable Chuck Hi 70.

If this seems familiar, you’re not exactly wrong: Stüssy has taken on the Chuck Hi 70 before. Fairly recently, in fact. Just this year, the low-impact super-plant was used by the Orange County brand to bring a little something extra to the silhouette. And, honestly, that wasn’t the first time either.

How, then, is this latest iteration different?

Mostly, it’s the Swedish brand that’s switching things up here: as a triple-branded affair, Our Legacy’s stand-out Yin and Yang logo, patches for the label’s Work Shop subdivision, Converse All Star lining, and a woven Stüssy wordmark to the tongue interior each make their presence felt in a way that feels unforced and entirely natural. Which, when you think about it, feels thematically consistent.

Elsewhere, while the collaboration does retain a sense of Stüssy’s penchant for its collaborative colorways to come in the lower key when, this three-way version has a kind of summer-ready warmth to it; “Lizard Green” is as vibrant as it sounds – giving some real “reptile on a hot rock” energy – and “Pool Blue” is washed out, relaxed, and – if you can really ascribe this to a color – I think you’d be within your rights to describe it as looking “pleasantly buzzed.”

Only the “Pigeon Grey” option has that usual, subdued, near-monochromatic aesthetic. But, given that these shoes are colored using bio-friendly dyes and a closed-loop water cycle, there’s a certain rough-and-ready quality to this collaboration that makes even the darkest of the three feel a little more alive than a cleaner-looking iteration might.

Due to launch on the Stüssy website on June 30th, we suggest you follow the brand’s Instagram account to make sure you don’t miss out. People really do like hemp, you know? And why wouldn’t they – the little plant that could has a lot going for it.