Aug 29, 2023
by Karl Smith
Nike, Stüssy and NOMA t.d. Take The Vandal High Back to Nature
by Karl Smith
Aug 29, 2023

Having already worked its plant-based magic on Nike’s Vandal High silhouette earlier this year, Stüssy has opted to partner-up with the Swoosh once again and take another run at the shoe.

The collaborative shoe still forgoes leather in favor of a plant-based material and, in case you were worried, very much still arrives in a similar blueish hue to its predecessor. This time around, though, there are some key differences.

First, where once there was hemp – the fast-growing super-plant with a notably low impact on the environment – now, there’s a denim construction in its place.

Denim, of course, can go either way. Its sustainable credentials are more-or-less entirely dependent on the execution. Which brings us nicely to point number two: Stüssy isn’t the only collaborator on these updated Nikes.

Joining the two U.S.-based brands on this triumvirate link-up is Japanese label NOMA t.d. – best know for its penchant for floral patterns and for its progressive approach to color choices.

And fans of the brand will be happy to hear it’s bringing a little of both to this collaboration: NOMA t.d.’s extroverted aesthetic is present across the upper – from the deep-indigo tones that form the bulk of the shoe’s construction to the hand-dyed, pink and white accents that give this version do the Vandal a sense of genuine personality.

All of which is capped off nicely with somewhat eccentric Stüssy-brand “S” detailing to the ankle strap and Surfman logo which – if there were any doubt – confirm the shoe as a part of the California label’s ongoing relationship with the Oregon-based Swoosh.

Worldwide fans would do well to keep their excitement at bay, however. In keeping with the spirit of the silhouette’s hand-crafted elements, the release will be a localized affair – contained to Stüssy’s Harajuku Chapter store and via the brand’s Japanese website.

If you happen to be in the vicinity – or you know someone who is – the Nike x Stüssy x NOMA t.d. Vandal High is set to drop on September 1 at 11am JST.