Apr 08, 2022
by James Roberts
Suicoke Steps in the Right Direction With New ECO Line of Sandals
by James Roberts
Apr 08, 2022

When you start learning about all the innovative and cool ways in which brands and manufacturers are developing more eco-minded products, you naturally wonder why all products aren’t 100 percent sustainable by now. But perfection isn’t that easy. It’s a journey of progression, one small step at a time. Japanese footwear specialist Suicoke, has just made one such step with its latest ECO line.

As part of its SS22 release, Suicoke has revealed ECO versions of its two most iconic silhouettes, the DEPA and MOTO. Perhaps best known for giving the humble sandal a contemporary twist, these newest additions demonstrate that Suicoke has bigger things on its mind.

The MOTO-Cab-ECO is a slip-on style, almost like a slider, with two velcro straps. The DEPA-2Cab-ECO is a more traditional style sandal with a web of straps to secure the foot. Both feature an EVA antibacterial footbed with grooves to make walking in them comfy. And, as with all Suicoke footwear, a Vibram sole for added grip and protection.

The colorways are kept clean and tonal, making them easy to integrate with any wardrobe. Both come in either all black or a black upper with a beige footbed. The soles are flecked and feature the iconic yellow Vibram logo. The brand label on the velcro tapes is adorned with the new Suicoke ECO line logo.

Let’s move onto those Earth-friendly materials. The footbed is made with sugarcane, sustainably sourced from Brazil. As a plant, sugarcane is quick growing and, in the process, removes carbon from the atmosphere. It will also biodegrade when it comes to the end of its life.

Suicoke has enlisted the use of Vibram’s ECOSTEP EVO sole, which was first invented in 1994. This sole consists of a minimum of 30% recycled Vibram rubber, generated from the production of other products.

The upper is made from waste materials from manufacturing, such as unused lint and fabric from thread and weave processing. The nylon tapes, stitching and brand labels are made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles.

In a statement on its website, Suicoke says: “The journey to making better products with more environmentally conscious materials is a long and arduous one. […] Eventually, our aim is to bring forward a sandal that can be made fully from recycled or biodegradable components.”

It may not be perfect but the Suicoke ECO line is a valuable step in the right direction. There is no shortcut to sustainable design. But now we know its ambitions, and we look forward to seeing what Suicoke brings out next.

The ECO line is available now on the Suicoke website and from other retailers.