Nov 05, 2022
by Contributor
PANGAIA and Timberland’s First-Ever Footwear Collaboration Brings Nature to Every Step
by Contributor
Nov 05, 2022

PANGAIA and Timberland have joined forces to showcase the power of collaboration. PANGAIA, a leader in material science innovation, reimagines two Timberland models with an Earth-friendlier construction and vibrant color palette.

Inspired by the natural world and ensuring modern life comfort, the PANGAIA x Timberland capsule range delivers, both in men’s and women’s sizes, a reworked take on the classic 6-inch Boot and a new contemporary favorite, the slip-on D4C Mule.

The new boot receives a full signature PANGAIA color treatment, arriving in “Galaxy Pink,” “Palm Green,” and Timberland’s traditional “Wheat” hue. The cleaner aesthetic is complete with tonal outsoles and subtle flaps over the eyelets. In a bid to keep the label’s eco-conscious ethos in mind, the shoe is made in part with renewable materials, such as responsibly grown rubber, acaba plant fiber and organically grown cotton, all of which increase biodiversity and sequester carbon emissions.

For the D4C Mule, available in a muted “Stone” colorway, Timberland and PANGAIA have continued the unique “Timberloop” design process to offer a fully-circular product lifecycle. Both the mule outsole and inner bootie/webbing system have been constructed to be easily disassembled and recycled. Furthermore, post-consumer waste has been taken into consideration by offering a recycling stream for consumers to send back products once they are no longer in use.

Elsewhere, in line with PANGAIA’s signature design details, each product in the collaboration features a custom text block explaining the material composition.he boot’s text reads, “These boots are made in part using responsibly grown rubber, abaca plant fiber and organically grown cotton,” while the mules explain “These shoes are made in part using responsibly grown rubber, abaca plant fiber and organically grown cotton. They are designed for circularity.”

Since its inception four years ago, PANGAIA’s commitment to material science research has driven positive and innovative systematic change in the industry’s traditional make-take-waste model. The label’s approach to everyday bio-engineered lifestyle products, combined with Timberland’s commitment to circularity, results in a functional and quality design collaboration that creates a new meaningful narrative, educating consumers on earth-positive practices and considerate consumption.

With prices ranging from $170 USD for the slip-on mule and $250 USD for the boot, the new Timberland x PANGAIA footwear capsule is now available to purchase from PANGAIA and Timberland‘s websites as well as worldwide retail stores. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Tomorrow Tree Fund, an NGO dedicated to protecting and restoring trees around the globe.

Author: Sofia de la Cruz