Jul 12, 2021
by Nav Gill
Timberland Just Made It Easier Than Ever To Recycle Its Products
by Nav Gill
Jul 12, 2021

Outdoors brand Timberland is doubling down on its commitment to circular fashion with the recent announcement of its global take-back program. Created in partnership with ReCircled, this initiative makes it ultra-easy for customers to return their used Timberland footwear, apparel, and accessories instead of simply discarding or donating them.

From August 2021, customers will be able to return their pre-owned goods at any Timberland store, following which they will either be repaired or refurbished and resold on Timberland’s dedicated re-commerce platform, or recycled into new products. There will also be an option to ship products directly from your home for consumers who are unable to visit a store.

“This take-back program is a critical step in pursuing our 100% circularity goal, while at the same time addressing the ever-increasing consumer demand for responsible design and progressive retail options,” Susie Mulder, Global Brand President for Timberland, shared in a statement. “Timberland always builds our products for longevity. Now those products will have a second life, whether they are refurbished for re-sale, or disassembled and recycled into something new. Either way, the consumer and product journey goes on, and we continue to move the world forward, together.”

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The program will initially launch in the U.S., before becoming available in the EMEA regions by fall 2021 and the APAC regions in spring 2022. Additionally, Timberland also revealed an early preview of its upcoming Timberloop Trekker boot. Specifically designed with circularity in mind, this hybrid boot combines sneaker levels of comfort with an edgy, outdoors-ready finish. Its unique sole construction allows the outsoles to be easily disassembled at the dedicated ReCircled facility, where each piece will be individually recycled.

Both the take-back program and the new Timberloop Trekker are a step forward in Timberland’s goal to ensure the products it creates have a net positive impact on nature by 2030. Find out more about Timberland’s sustainability initiatives here.

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