Jun 09, 2023
by James Roberts
Suzanne Oude Hengel Takes Timberland’s Iconic Boot Into the Knitted Future
by James Roberts
Jun 09, 2023

Timberland. We all know it as the producer of the chunky, pumpkin-orange leather boot. An icon that’s become a staple of the hip hop and fashion communities. More recently, however, we’ve seen the US brand take some steps into some more sustainable practices. Through collabs with Christoper Raeburn and PANGAIA, Timberland has enlisted the use of responsibly grown rubber, abaca plant fiber and organically grown cotton. The results take iconic Timberland silhouettes and render them in forward-thinking materials.

Within this movement, Timberland has launched the Future73 project. By calling on some big names in the footwear game, the project aims to reimagine its 1973 Classic Yellow Boot for the future. So far, it’s worked with Samuel Ross and Edison Chen. On the bill for the future is Christopher Raeburn. But today, we’re talking about Version 03: a capsule of footwear and knitwear designed by Suzanne Oude Hengel.

The Dutch product designer is known for her innovations in the world of knitting. Sounds quaint, but Oude Hengel’s designs are anything but. Specializing in footwear, she uses unique manufacturing methods, utilizing knitting in places it’s not usually used. For Timberland, Oude Hengel has reimagined Timberland’s boot in knit and bright colors. It’s been released with a selection of knitwear.

The Timberland x Suzanne Oude Hengel Future73 Knit boot is made with a knit upper, in a slip-on design with drawcord laces. While it features the same chunky sole and padded heel collar, it definitely takes the boot to a new dimension. The bright teal color is a far cry from the original yellow, which could lead to it finding new fans. (Or losing some existing ones.)

In addition to the knit upper, Timberland states that it features an “environmentally friendly foam-free construction.” Sounds interesting, but we’d like to know how the alternative is eco-conscious or sustainable.

Also in the footwear department is a mule-clog rendered in bright blue with orange details. Looking closely at these pieces, the texture resembles Nike’s Flyknit — a super-tight weave that could have a little bit of stretch and give.

To go with your knitted footwear, why not check out the knitwear apparel? Designed for women, the capsule comprises a skirt, a short-sleeve tee in two colors, a long-sleeve tee and a scarf. The same bold blues are replicated across these pieces, alongside orange and tennis ball green. These items utilize Italian yarn and have a stretchy finish.

Whilst this collection doesn’t blow us away with its use of Earth-friendly materials, it’s positive to see that Timberland has avoided using its usual animal leathers. However, it’s also worth stating that using wool means that these products are not animal-free.

Shop the Timberland x Suzanne Oude Hengel Future73 Collection online now. For more footwear collabs, check out Stüssy and Nike’s latest hemp sneakers.