Veja Introduces 62% Bio-Based and Recycled Performance Running Sneaker, the Marlin

Veja has introduced a brand-new performance shoe into its expanding running category. The Paris-based, environmentally-focused footwear brand recently dropped the Marlin. It comes 18 months after the Condor model, which was elected Product of the Year in 2020 in the Running Hardware category at ISPO, the biggest European fair for the outdoors and sport. 

While the Condor launched Veja’s running category as a way to combat the use of plastic in running sneakers, and normalize the use of bio-based and recycled materials, it was really best suited for casual runs, as the brand notes. We’ve also recently seen the latest iteration of Veja’s Rick Owens collaboration which focuses on low-impact activities. The Marlin contrasts both as it’s adapted for high performance. It’s light and dynamic for everyday runners, ready to log in high mileage. 


“We learned so much in terms of materials, in terms of technology by working on the running shoes,” said Veja co-founder Sébastien Kopp to Footwear News. “It is changing the whole line of Veja – the shoes are lighter and more comfortable.”

Similar to the rest of Veja’s running line, the Marlin is made in Brazil and comprises the most, 62% in total, bio-based and recycled materials out of all of the shoes in the category, while weighing in at 9.7 ounces. The V-Knit upper and lining is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, while the heel support insert and logo both utilize Pebax RNew and are made of 100% ricinus oil. 

The new runner features a midsole that is 60% sugar cane and an outsole that is 32% Amazonian rubber, 33% rice waste, 7% soy, and 3% palm oil. Amazonian rubber is one of Veja’s main raw materials. “We buy the rubber directly from cooperatives formed by families of seringueiros or rubber tappers from the Amazon,” the brand says. “These contribute to the protection of the forest by avoiding deforestation and intensive cattle breeding.”


Veja’s L-Form cushioning technology is a mix of 30% natural latex from Brazil and 70% synthetic. It’s non-heat sensitive and gives 80% of energy in return. Whether or not there are plans to transition the brand’s cushioning system to fully natural is still unknown. 

Six colors are currently available for the new Marlin: a natural off-white, deep purple, black with white accents, chalk white with black and ultraviolet accents, full black, bright green with black and white accents. 

The Marlin is available now in stores and online via for $180 USD. Learn more about Veja’s expanding running line at

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