Oct 23, 2021
by Daniel Navetta
by Daniel Navetta
Oct 23, 2021

Hello Readers,

Nearly a year into our journey of building FUTUREVVORLD’s foundation, and having fun doing it, I’m excited to announce our new website, fully functional with its’ distinct design language, the one the team and I envisioned all along.

FUTUREVVORLD began as a litmus test to see if enthusiasm around conscious consumption truly existed in the creative design communities we love and support, e.g. streetwear and sneaker culture. Sure, there’s been a host of case studies and stats that point to encouraging shifts in purchasing behaviors and consumer demands for Earth-friendlier products, but we remained skeptical, unsure if it was truly taking place in the realms of style we’ve followed for so long.

Spoiler alert, it is.

The passion, excitement, and thirst for knowledge and change are indeed front and present, and we at FUTUREVVORLD are going all in to meet those needs. It was always our big dream to build an ever-expending and always-inviting community space that was supported by a highly-curated intentional newsfeed, thought-provoking journalism, compelling visual elements, engaging audio storytelling, products that inspire, and soon investigative documentaries.

Re-designing the site means we are here to stay, not for us, but for you. The design world, especially the youth-driven subcultures, are evolving to become more environmentally aware, and we are the destination that wants to meet them where they are.

We’re thrilled to continue growing, offer more ways to interact and learn, and inspire you to embrace new ways of thinking about consumption.

We hope you enjoy the new site.

— Daniel Navetta, Editor-In-Chief