Dec 30, 2022
by Robert Marshall
MNTGE Is Digitizing Vintage Clothing, Rips, Frays, Fades and All
by Robert Marshall
Dec 30, 2022

On this episode of Progress Over Perfection, we’re joined by Sean Wotherspoon, Nick Adler, and Brennan Russo, the co-founders of MNTGE.

Using blockchain technology, state-of-the-art camera systems and world-renowned graphic designers, MNTGE is a digital wearables brand that brings the real-world heritage of vintage apparel to the virtual world.

We admit, we’re not even sure what we just wrote, so here’s how it essentially works. Sean Wotherspoon–owner of secondhand retailer Round Two, frequent adidas collaborator and fashion designer–is a collector of rare and iconic vintage clothing. He has an archive in California filled with over 4,000 pieces, each with their own unique story to tell, many of which no one will ever see, let alone wear.

Now, imagine if you could own one of those items, but a digitized version, complete with the same wear and tear, stains and frays, discoloration and texture as the one that lives in the physical world. That’s MNTGE.

“There is gonna be a future just like we see in the movies where there is a parallel universe, we’re all living in a digital form, we might have secondary jobs…And you’re going to need cool clothes to wear. We’re just simply solving that problem way ahead of time.”

Alongside physical offerings and a full access membership program, MNTGE is bringing the best parts of vintage clothing to the virtual world, encouraging people to become more conscious, community-driven consumers by buying secondhand.

“Our only way to meet what is going to be the future of customer demand is putting it through this digital program. We’re going to be able to catalog hundreds of thousands of styles on a phone.”

“We’re looking at this as a cohesive community project, where we want to entertain you, we want to teach you, and we want you to onboard and feel like you are part of a product.”

We had the pleasure of sitting down with these three innovators, to talk about their journey, how MNTGE came about, what MNTGE is exactly, and what I can be.

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