Oct 14, 2021
by Sidney Pacampara
Listen To Episode 1 of FUTUREVVORLD’s Inaugural Podcast Series ‘Progress Over Perfection’
by Sidney Pacampara
Oct 14, 2021

The latest step in growing the FUTUREVVORLD community happens today.

Created in partnership with Timberland and its eco-conscious GreenStride collection, we’re proud to launch our inaugural audio series Progress Over Perfection, an ever-evolving podcast that will explore Earth-friendly projects and environmental responsibility in fashion, footwear, design, and hype culture.

As passionate sneakerheads who are closely connected to the intersecting worlds of style, art, and overall creativity, we often find ourselves conflicted with what’s around us and what we consume, especially when assessing our own impact on the environmental. We know we’re not alone either.

Stemming from this curiosity of discovering how to be better, Progress Over Perfection helps us expand this exploration into a new form of creative storytelling. From interviews and internal discussions, to industry deep dives and inspiring stories, we hope listeners are able increase their awareness and take away ideas on how to adjust consumption into choices that are healthier for the planet.

It’s all about sharing without shame, sharing beyond silos. We’re here to introduce listeners to new and unique voices who can share their perspective on lower impact living. For episode one, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Navetta and Executive Editor Bob Marshall break down the purpose of FUTUREVVORLD and its goal for creating a hub and community for the eco-curious.

“There’s a rapidly growing community of streetwear enthusiasts who are growing up and evolving, and it’s not so much about the drop all the time,” said Navetta. “Those people need a destination they can trust to guide them on greater levels of responsibility.”

Later in the episode, Navetta is joined by Lonely Whale CEO Dr. Dune Ives to discuss the foundation’s purpose, its famous “Stop Sucking” campaign, and what drives the group to breakthrough to people who have never cared about climate change issues before.

“We always tried very hard to not lead with doom and gloom,” said Ives in the episode. “When we start saying ‘here’s what you should do,’ then it almost allows people to remove the accountability that we want people to have for their own actions, for caring, and for finding their own path.”

Rounding out the episode, climate, social impact, and sustainability communications consultant George MacPherson speaks about the shift in how brands are messaging their environmental efforts, how industry success in lowering impact is defined or lacks definition, the power of language that can help accurately inform customers or dangerously hook them, and why it’s key to take notice of what a brand aligns itself with.

“If any customer, reader, or listener is able to verify a brand’s actual, functionally, data-driven lowering of their carbon emissions, in whichever way possible in the way that a brand is able to represent it, then that is the baseline scorecard whether a brand should be invested in,” said MacPherson.

Sit back and enjoy the first of many Progress Over Perfection episodes brought to you by your FUTUREVVORLD family and in partnership with our good friends at Timberland. Remember, we have a long way to go, but we can go further together.

You can listen above, as well as on Apple, Spotify, and anywhere else you listen to podcasts.