Jun 16, 2023
by James Roberts
Nike’s New “Well Collective” Wants To Get Us All Moving
by James Roberts
Jun 16, 2023

Sport is ever-changing, ever-widening. What once was the pastime of men who wanted to show off strength, endurance or a devastating left hook, sport is now becoming a more inclusive, far-reaching and diverse world.

A place where competition and compassion can go hand-in-hand; where goals are community-led; and where movement means more than setting world records.

Nike has always been a sports brand. In fact, for many, Nike is the very definition of a sports brand. Since its very original inception in 1964, it has been making equipment and apparel to help athletes run faster, swim farther, climb higher. But as the definition of sport widens, so must Nike.

That’s why, earlier this week, Nike announced Nike Well Collective. A vision and commitment that recognises and embraces a more holistic idea of what sport is — one that celebrates movement, health and wellness, in whatever form or shape that takes.

More than training and exercise, Nike Well Collective will deliver innovation, expertise, services and experiences across body, mind and life. It’s an initiative designed to support everyone’s unique and personal wellness journey; and get everyone moving. To focus this, the Well Collection features five pillars of holistic fitness: movement, mindfulness, nutrition, rest and connection.

It sounds ambitious. To enact this change, Nike will bring on more than 1,000 new global fitness trainers, in addition to a diverse community of world-class and award-winning academics, researchers, scientists, medical professionals and academic authors.

Well Collective has been inspired by women, and looks at ways it can support women through their various life stages. Nike has already designed a holistic shoe that’s fit for any purpose, a soccer cleat specifically for women, and a short that can deal with the problem of bleed-through.

So, what does Nike Well Collective entail? Well, at this moment in time, it’s a change of Instagram handles — from @niketraining to @nikewellcollective, from Nike Live Stores to Well Collective stores. So far, so brand-y.

But stay tuned for more as Nike aims to help us all move and live a little better.

“As Nike exists to champion athletes and sport, our ultimate goal is to help more people move, feel good in their bodies and connect with what matters most — a life well lived,” says Amy Montagne, VP/GM of Global Nike Women’s.

That sounds good to us.