FUTUREVVORLD’S Top 5 Vegan Sneakers

Lists like this are never easy. Sneakers are a strangely emotive subject and, when it comes down to it, you're…

2 months ago

The HAVEN x norda™️ 003 Is Approaching Performance Differently

norda™, if you'll forgive the half-intended pun, has been on something of a run this year. There have been multiple…

5 months ago

norda and Reigning Champ Combine Progressive Design with Vintage Aesthetics

Having previously worked with the likes of Paris-based runningSatisfy and Italian fashion house Zegna, norda's latest joint effort…

6 months ago

The Lastest norda 001 Colorways Are An Encounter With the Otherworldly

Two new colorways, Regolith and Mars, have been revealed ahead of norda’s FW23 ENCOUNTERS collection. Both feature hand-painted midsoles and…

8 months ago

The norda 002 Will Bring You Closer to Earth

Lighter and lower, the 002 keeps all the Earth-friendly elements of its predecessor while delivering a closer ground feel.

11 months ago

The 10 Best Vegan and Sustainable Running Shoes Right Now

And so, the season is upon us. The season where, for the slightly more faint of heart, the great outdoors…

12 months ago